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Originally from the Central Valley of California, I've lived in vibrant Austin, TX since 2011. With a decade of experience in enterprise SaaS sales, I'm a passionate Enterprise Account Executive, fostering industry understanding and enduring connections. Click here for my full professional breakdown.

Beyond my career, I'm an avid reader drawn to crime novels (Harlan Coben, John Sanford), sci-fi space operas (Pierce Brown), and speculative fiction (William Gibson, Neil Stephenson). My love for storytelling serves as a wellspring of inspiration in both my personal and professional life. 

I'm committed to health and fitness — road & gravel cycling, rowing, paddle boarding, swimming, resistance training, and more are how I stay active. Cold plunges and sauna sessions parallel my approach to life: embracing discomfort as fertile ground for growth. 

I've always loved music, whether listening to it or playing guitar and singing. I've been lucky enough to combine this with my love of photography, having the opportunity to shoot live performances of Metallica, Bruce Hornsby, Gary Clark Jr., and more at venues in and around Austin. 

Amidst all these passions, my devotion to family, friends, and pets remains unwavering. The bonds that I've nurtured over the years serve as a constant reminder of the importance of shared experiences and the joy of building meaningful connections.

In both my professional pursuits and personal endeavors, I strive for a balance that enriches every facet of my life. My journey is one of continuous exploration, learning, and evolution, and I'm excited to see where each new chapter takes me.

per aspera ad astra

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